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Thursday, 27th June, 12:00 EDT:

This week features a paper by Eilis Lanclus, Affiliate Researcher at the KU Leuven.

The paper has the preliminary title ‘”You’ve been chicked!”: The Gendered Nature of Endurance in Ultra-Trail Running and Walking’.

As ever, please see the info from below and a link to the file at the bottom of this page. See you on Thursday! 


My research focuses on the concept of endurance through the analytical lens of ultra-trail running and walking, mainly in Belgium. The paper is based on my presentation at INSA earlier this year. The paper argues that endurance should be understood as a gendered phenomenon and looks at how ultra-trail practices both reinforce and challenge gendered perceptions about endurance. I would like to submit this paper to Gender & Society.

Hopes for feedback:

At the moment it’s still somewhere between an article and the conference presentation, and the paper is far from finished. So, I would mainly like to receive feedback on the overall argument. Is my argument clear? Does it make sense to you? Furthermore, I keep wondering if the article is best suited for Gender & Society or whether I should consider submitting with an anthropological journal. 

This Week’s File:

The file will always be deleted immediately after the meeting. Please do not circulate it outside the group. If you would like to send Eilis feedback directly, her email is:

Access the meeting on zoom, 12:00-13:00

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