WG Schedule & Submission Guidelines

Below is a list of meetings for the current term. If you would like to present in any of the open slots, then please email us at admin@sportanthro.org. The submission guidelines are at the bottom of this page.

We really appreciate feedback about the working group, so that it meets members’ needs. To fill out our survey, click here.

Summer 2024:

Date(Provisional) TimeName(Provisional) TitleDiscussantChair
30th May12:00 EDTN/AConference Debrief:
Why The Anthropology of Sport Matters
13th June12:00 BSTBen HildredPaper Discussion:
‘Testing’ things out: Navigating change and the status quo in a Sri Lankan cricket team.
27th June12:00 EDTEilis LanclusPaper Discussion: ‘”You’ve been chicked!”: The Gendered Nature of Endurance in Ultra-Trail Running and Walking’. Ben
11th July12:00 BSTLeo HopkinsonBook Chapter: ‘Being the best: On the performance of aspiration’ Kika
25th July12:00 EDTArthur GaillardPaper Discussion:
Sport for Development’s Nation-State Monolingualism
8th August12:00 BST Kika

Autumn 2024:

Date(Provisional) TimeName(Provisional) TitleDiscussantChair
19th Sept12:00 BST Ben
3rd October12:00 EDTSean
17th October12:00 BST Kika
31st Oct
12:00 EDT Ben
14th Nov12:00 GMT Sean
28th Nov12:00 ESTGil HiziMorality Plays: Chinese Village Sports as Social Theatrics. Kika
12th Dec12:00 GMTBen

Submission Guidelines

Please send your paper to us (admin@sportanthro.org) rather than sharing it to the group yourselves. This just means that if we have an update for everyone, we can send it in the same email, and also ensures we send it to people who may not be on the mailing list (i.e. invited discussants, etc).

As we meet on Thursdays, please try to submit by the Monday beforehand.

When you email us your paper, please include a few bits of information to share with the group:

  • A brief statement about your general research area
  • A short paragraph on what the paper will cover
  • An indication of where it fits within your work/your thesis/the publication you’re submitting to
  • Anything you want us to focus on specifically, or issues to address

None of this has to be too specific as obviously things change and aren’t always fleshed out, but the more context you can provide, the quicker we can get to discussing your writing.

Calendar and Subscription Links:

See a list of future meetings on the synced google calendar below.

To receive updates to the calendar outside of google, you can subscribe to the calendar in outlook, iCal, or other calendar apps. Find an option which reads ‘new calendar subscription’, or ‘subscribe from web’ then paste in the following link. This will sync updates with your personal email client.