INSA is still in a nascent period, with a small but rapidly growing membership. At the core of our activities is the Working Group, an ECR led group which meets fortnightly on zoom to discuss work in progress. As the network grows, we continue to develop new activities and resources, with more planned for the future. Our aim is to establish a fully fledged academic organization in the next five years.

Aims and Objectives

INSA has the following aims & objectives:

  • To promote the growth of the Anthropology of Sport as a coherent sub-discipline
  • To connect like-minded scholars to each other, including those in related disciplines ‘outside’ anthropology
  • To provide space for scholars to work together on projects related to the Anthropology of Sport
  • To promote related outputs including publications, grant proposals, etc.
  • To establish a peer-reviewed academic journal of international repute.
  • To establish itself as a recognised professional institution, with a fully elected committee elected at an annual conference.

Activities & Resources

INSA runs various activities and provides useful infrastructure for the Anthropology of Sport. Items in bold currently run, while the others are planned.

  • A fortnightly Working Group on Zoom (primarily for ECR)
  • 2-3 panels organised at other conferences each year
    • Primarily for broadening the academic reach of INSA and increasing the visibility of the network.
  • Space and assistance to develop publications with the aim to establish an academic peer-reviewed journal within 5 years.
  • An annual INSA conference
    • Currently planned for online, with a view to being hybrid in 2024
  • Online Seminar Series. Quarterly/Termly.
  • In-person Workshops at affiliated universities, as appropriate, to foster collaboration between ECR & senior academics.